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Онлайн-университет интернет-профессий, курсы повышения квалификации, семинары, курсы, тренинги, языковые курсы

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Книги, видеокурсы, тренажеры для мозга, компьютерные программы, компьютерные игры, учебная техника и электроника

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We can offer

We can offer

Expert Instructors

With the team of professionals, we guarantee the best lessons and courses for your students

Learning Documents

Detailed Learning Documents and Video Tutorials are well-prepared and can be accessed anytime.

Powerful Learning Tools

Eduma can provide the best environment for learning via a friendly UI/UX with many exclusive features.

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The Complete Web Developer Course

4 Steps to Learn

4 Steps to Learn
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An account might be required to access the hugh database and courses of Eduma. You can easily register for one at Eduma site.

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Now you can access the courses. Eduma provides all ranges of courses, from Developing to Photography, Video Editor, or even Kindergarten. You are free to choose the course you like. There's no limit with Eduma. All courses are well-built with detailed documents and attachments serving your learning progress.

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Eduma integrates LearnPress for courses and lessons. LearnPress currently is the #1 LMS Plugin available for WordPress, with many exclusive and premium features, serving the best environment for students and providing all the best tools as Certificates, Student Lists, Announcements and Gradebook. Once enroll to the course, LearnPress will take you to the best learning experience ever.

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Eduma provides every details and documents needed for your learning. You can start your lessons by clicking it at the content side-bar. Every lessons are prepared with texts, videos, images, presentation, and even audio. All you need to learn, are here with Eduma.

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